Go and see your surroundings. Currently, traffic congestions are occurred every day, everywhere, and every time all around the world. This phenomenon may happen due to the high number of private transportation. Eventually, it significantly produces pollution at the same time.

Public transportation is one of the solutions against the problem. We are able to reduce the number of private transportation. However, we still need to raise the societies' interest in order to promote the public transportation. Therefore, we need to act!


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Do You Know?

  • Brazil is the worst in traffic jam.
  • Thousands of people are killed each year through automobile accidents - Peter Newman.
  • The air pollution from vehicle can be more complicated than from the industry.
  • Oldest Human-Powered Transport is a skates which made from animal bones – Science 2.0.
  • There is a development of flying car, do you believe it?
  • The another name of private transportations is automobile dependence.
  • Cycling regularly make our body more resistant from influenza than who aren’t cycling.
  • In spain, there are bicycle which made from ash of woods.
  • I just want someone to explain to the American public why investing in transportation in Iraq is so much more important than investing in passenger rail right here in the United States of America - Corrine Brown.
  • I think the internal combustion engine will disappear from the streets of our cities in the next thirty years because transportation will be mass transportation, or probably electrical power - Gaylord Nelson.
  • I think transportation and corrections are not the first two areas that I would go looking for massive change - William Weld.
  • My main form of transportation at that time was a bicycle, because bicycles could move though the crowd - John Pomfret.
  • Iron box which required six passengers on the right and four passengers in the left - Turasih.
  • There can be no doubt that the transportation sector is the most critical sector of our economy - Robert Brady.
  • “Making public transportation more predictable and easier to use makes it more popular,” said Alex Milojevic, senior manager of Business Strategies at Brampton Transit.
  • China is the most polluting country in the world.